Branded, Not Laser Etched

Branded, Not Laser Etched

October 2023

Branded, Not Laser Etched

October 2023

Branded, Not Laser Etched

Using a heat brand or branding iron on cedar wood offers several advantages over laser engraving.   In this article, we are going to give an overview of why a branded coaster is superior to a laser engraved.

Breaking down the details


Heat branding creates a darker, more enduring mark compared to laser engraving.   Laser engraving vaporizes a portion of the wood, leaving a various depth and color that follows the variation in the wood grain.

The heat branding process alters the structure of the wood fibers, but does not remove any material, resulting in a more permanent mark that is less susceptible to fading or wearing over time.

Aesthetic Appeal

Heat branding often produces a darker, more defined mark on cedar wood, enhancing the contrast and making the branding stand out more prominently. This can provide a more visually striking appearance compared to laser engraving, especially on wood with varying grains and colors.

Speed and Efficiency

Heat branding is often quicker than laser engraving once a brand is created, making it a more efficient choice for large-scale production. It can create marks rapidly, allowing for faster processing.   What takes a high end laser 10 minutes, a branding iron can do in less than 10 seconds.


It's important to note that both methods have their own merits and may be preferred depending on the specific requirements of the project. Laser engraving might be better suited for low quantities.   In order to heat-brand an image, a brand must be created first, which is not a slow process.  

Ultimately, the choice between heat branding and laser engraving on cedar wood depends on the desired aesthetic, durability, and specific needs of the project or branding requirements.

For cedar coasters, the choice is clear.   Heat branding is far superior to laser engraving.