Coaster.Link QR Code

Coaster.Link QR Code

November 2023

Coaster.Link QR Code

November 2023

Coaster.Link QR Code

The Coaster.Link QR code on the back of your coasters can be a highly effective marketing strategy.

How it Works

When a customer scans the QR code on the back of your coaster they are shown a link similar to this:   

This URL is consumer friendly, with the host name "" showing when scanned.   The Coaster.Link service included with your coaster purchase then logs the scan and sends the user onward to your chosen destination.


The Coaster.Link service does not add any tracking information to the consumer.  The splash screen on Coaster.Link is shown briefly and they are then forwarded onward to your destination.  This allows the service to reflect the referring agent as Coaster.Link, and you will know that your coaster led the person to your website. 

Coaster.Link Diagram
Coaster.Link Diagram


Below are several reasons why having the Coaster.Link QR code on the back side of your coasters is a smart idea.

No Additional Cost

The Coaster.Link QR code that directs consumers to the destination of your choice comes to you at no additional charge.  Simply provide the destination with your order.  

Instant Access to Information

QR codes provide a quick and convenient way for customers to access information instantly. By scanning the code with their smartphones, users can be directed to a website, product page, promotional video, or any other online content you want to showcase.

Enhanced Engagement

QR codes engage customers actively, encouraging them to interact with your brand beyond the physical realm of the promotional item. This increased engagement can lead to a deeper connection and better brand recall.

Measurable Results

Using Coaster.Link, you gain access to how many people have scanned your coaster without any special software or landing page.  Coaster.Link provides this information for you.  This enables easy performance tracking for a promotional campaign.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Incorporating the Coaster.Link QR code with your custom coasters is an inexpensive way to provide extensive information about your business without the need for additional printed materials.   It is as environmentally friendly as our coasters themselves!

Easy to Manage

The endpoint that is chosen for the Coaster.Link QR code can easily be changed at any time in the future.  Keep the link alive by updating the destination for holidays or other social events that your business or social circle are interested in.