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Dish Washing Rack(Main Icon)
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Dish Washing Rack
Model DDW01-30
A great dish washing rack that doubles as a drying rack after the washing.

Dish Washing Rack

Introducing our Commercial-Grade Cedar Coaster Dishwasher Rack – the complimentary solution for restaurants and bars seeking efficiency and durability in managing cedar coaster cleanliness and longevity. Built for the demanding conditions of the hospitality industry, this dishwasher rack is designed to streamline your coaster cleaning and drying process.

Key Features:

High Capacity

Designed to fit within the standard commercial dishwasher, accommodating up to 35 cedar coasters at a time. This ensures that you can efficiently clean a significant quantity in each dishwasher cycle, saving time and energy.   The rack also allows for a rotating wash/dry cycle.  For the cycle to perform best, two racks are recommended.  While one is being filled, the other has been washed and is drying.

Coaster Protection

The rack is built with high-density food-grade plastic (HDPE).  There are slots along the bottom and rails on the sides, offering a secure environment for your cedar coasters. This ensures that the coasters are held firmly in place during the washing process.

Easy Loading and Unloading

The thoughtfully designed rack facilitates quick and hassle-free loading and unloading of cedar coasters. Its user-friendly design allows for smooth integration into your existing dishwashing routine.